Short Film Rules & Regulations

Third Eye Movie Club Short Film Fest and Awards – TESFFA 2019.

Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations are applicable to TESFFA 2019 event only .

Eligibility Criteria

1) Any individual willing to participate in the event should register themselves for the same through the official website of 3rd eye movie club . Non registered entries would not be eligible for participating in the event .

2) Submission of the short film entries starts on 21/3/2019 at 10pm IST. Deadline for the submission is 21/04/2019 at 11.59pm IST.
(Note: 3rd Eye Movie Club reserves the right to change the above mentioned dates In case of any unforeseen circumstances).

3) Online entries received after the deadline shall not be eligible for participation.

4) Participant shall not be a member of TESFFA 2019 organizing committee.

5) All elements used in the short film should be original and belonging to the participant or licensed to the participant under a valid license.

6) The participant shall have obtained all the necessary licenses, permissions, certifications and authorizations for participating in TESFFA 2019.

7) Each participant may send any number of entries for the event and each entry would be considered as a separate one. In case of multiple entries , for each entry a separate form should be filled and submitted along with the link.

8) 3rd Eye Movie Club reserves the right to disqualify any person if, it knows or has reasonable grounds to believe, is not eligible for the event.

Short Film Requirements

1) The short film must have been made between 1/1/ 2018 and 31/12/2018.

2) The short film entries can be of any genre.

3) Only Malayalam short films are eligible to participate in the fest .

4) The maximum running time should be 30 minutes, inclusive of front and back credits. There is no minimum running time limit.

5) Films once selected for the fest cannot not be withdrawn from the fest under any circumstances.

Selection Criteria

1) Selection of finalists will be based on the following criteria:

A)Originality and Quality of the script
E)Audio, Sound Effects and Music
F)Performance of the actors
G)Presentation and conveyance of the theme .

2) Decision of the selection panel would be final.

3) The details of the shortlisted entries will be published on our website on 24/4/2019 and the finalists would be also informed via email.

4) The screening time of each shortlisted entries would be informed to the finalists .

5) 3rd Eye Movie Club reserves the right to use the excerpts of the selected entries for promotional and marketing purposes during TESFFA.

TESFFA Award 2019 Categories

Best Film
Best Director
Best Script
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Popular Short Film

Popular Short Film Category

This is an award intended exclusively for the online viewers.The participating short films will have their links posted in the 3rd Eye Movie Club page and the crew can propogate their own links to obtain maximum likes to win this category. Yes!! You heard it right!! Likes decide the winner here,unlike the other awards!!

Plz don’t use any bots or auto likers and if any one found using any means to obtain likes in such a manner will be banned permanently from all the competition categories.But links can be shared in other platforms too to make viewers have an eye on your films and give their valuable likes.

Judging and Screening

1) All the entries received on or before the date specified above and complying with these Rules and Regulations will be screened and shortlisted by a team from 3rd Eye Movie Club for the fest.

2) The shortlisted entries will then be sent to a Jury comprising of renowned personalities from the world of film and art.

3)Only the shortlisted entries would be screened during the event .

3) The Jury will select the final winners from the shortlisted entries and the winners would be intimated one week before the event .

4) The selection and number of Jury members shall be at 3rd Eye Movie Club’s sole discretion.

5) The decision of the Jury will be final and binding on the participants.No inquiries, complaints, disputes or appeals shall be entertained in this regard.

6) The participant must accept and abide by the decisions made by 3rd Eye Movie Club and the Jury without objection to decisions relating to the event, selection of winners and the criteria for selection of winners.

Award Ceremony

1) The winner of each category specified above will be honored at the main event of the TESFFA which would be on 27th and 28th April 2019.

2) The winning participant must intimate 3rd Eye Movie Club in advance in case they are unable to attend the award ceremony.

3) Award shall not be convertible to cash, transferable or assignable.

4) Substitution of award by winner will not be entertained.


1) The submission of entries is entirely voluntary and free of cost and it shall be deemed to have been made on a voluntary basis.

2) 3rd Eye Movie Club will communicate with the participants, shortlisted participants and winners of the event via email.

3) All announcements, changes or updates will be posted on the website and on 3rd Eye Movie Club’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram accounts.

4) 3rd Eye Movie Club reserves the right to withdraw or alter the terms of the event without prior notice. No complaints in this regard shall be entertained. All updates will be posted on the website.

5)The participant understands and accepts that he or she shall not copy or use ideas of a third party or another participant at any stage of the fest.

6)The participant accepts that he or she has not infringed upon and shall not infringe upon the copyright or other intellectual property right of any other person while creating and submitting the short film.

7) Non-adherence to 5 and 6 under the miscellaneous subdivision would lead to disqualification of the entry from the fest.

8) 3rd Eye Movie Club reserves the right to reject or remove any short film entry submitted which is obscene, defamatory, libelous, abusive, harassing, tortuous, intimidating , pornographic, threatening, invasive of privacy/publicity rights/otherwise objectionable, or which constitutes or encourages a criminal offence, violates the rights of any party or otherwise gives rise to liability or violates any law, in its absolute discretion.

9) The participant shall not have any claim against 3rd Eye Movie Club or its sponsors in case of cancellation or deferral of the fest.

Regulations Acceptance

By submitting ,the participants agree to all the above mentioned rules and regulations .


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